Cellular Issues 2Gig

This has been going on for a month now. If I send a signal from my phone to the panel, the panel doesn’t receive it or the command can be delayed for minutes. Then some times (rarely now) it will be instant like it used to be.

I have to arm/disarm at the panel now. This also affects the Zwave door lock and light switch.

I have recently been checking the signal strength on the panel itself and it is always very strong if not 31/31. But I notice it says the registration status is registered roaming which I don’t remember if that’s normal or not. But connection status shows trying to connect then eventually connected.

I have linked photos from two different days. I have noticed sometimes radio status is red and shows no signal when I go to check on things.

Any help would be appreciated. I have never had this issue before and I have had this panel for around 6 years (4 with Vivint) if not longer.

I believe the cellular card is Verizon 3G.

Photos of Panel Details

This is just me but u will most likely have to update the cellular communicator because 3g will be going away soon so it might be better to just replace the cell card

Looking at your signaling history, the registration time metric has been poor for a couple months now.

In some cases, troubleshooting might help resolve cellular issues like this. It would be good to try a quick power down/reboot of the 2GIG Panel.

  1. Unplug power supply
  2. Unplug internal battery
  3. Wait 3 full minutes
  4. Plug in battery
  5. Plug in power supply
  6. Wait five minutes then run a cell test

Any change after those steps?

If not, try the steps in the video below. Any luck?

Note that 3G networks will be experiencing a full service sunset by the end of 2022, and all 3G modules will need to be replaced by then, however in some areas panels may be affected leading up to that date as the carriers reallocate network resources.

In general 3G service on Verizon/AT&T modules may get less reliable as we near 2022. If you are noticing long term signaling effects, it is recommended to upgrade firmware and update to a 4G LTE module.

After you mentioned the 3G shut down, I did some reading up on it. I purchased a LTE card. Once I receive that I’ll upgrade the firmware and install the new card. I will report back after that. Thank you!

When you have the new module, you can swap the module number associated with your Alarm.com account at any time through our System Manager here. This will need to be done so the new module can communicate with ADC.


I am experiencing similar issues as described by OP, except my signal strength is often around 11-15/31. Can you see anything on your end that would be causing this? I would imagine the recommendation is to upgrade to the 4G module, which I will do at some point, but curious if there is something else going on.


Looking back a few days in history I only see one string of commands around the same time that were delayed. The vast majority of commands look like they are being acknowledged within a normal window.

I don’t see the same sustained signal delays on your account. Are there some other times you have noticed this in the recent past you could point to?

If you’ve seen a few instances lately I’d be more inclined to assume it is a temporary connection hiccup, not a major issue with the module/network, because most commands don’t seem to be affected.

It’s good to upgrade, but in your case I don’t see a reason it is urgent yet.

The LTE module did the trick. No more roaming, super fast cell test completion and the system is responding to remote commands reliably.

If this forum does it this can be marked solved/resolved.

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That’s great news it working