Cell Phone Test

I am following the instructions to run a cell phone test and something appears wrong.I’m watching the video and following along and when I get to the point in the video to hit the ‘run cell phone test’ button, that button is missing on my panel. Just a blank spot where the button should be. Any ideas?

Doing it wrong.

There are two ways to access … (Firmware v1.10.1)

Security>menu>toolbox>master user code>right arrow>right arrow>cell phone test

Logo button right corner of screen>installer code>>radio status button>cell phone test

I purchased it online from an installer, I think. The firmware is 1.9.2 how do I update to the newest firmware?

Firmware downloads and video

1.9.2 will not work at all for any 3G cellular module

This is the overview of the update process.

The link to the downloads is available on the update cable product page , in case you need it again and don’t save this link directly. Currently, the third (2GIG V1.10.1 English Firmware Update Tool.zip) and forth (Newest 2GIG Firmware.zip) downloads shown are the same - both V1.10.1.

Are you trying to use a 3G or a 2G cellular module? Rive is correct, if you’re trying to use a 3G module, you will have to update the firmware to at least 1.9.5 for Verizon and 1.9.6 for AT&T. If you have a 3G module in there, the panel won’t even be able to see it to give you the option of a cell phone test.

In order to get your firmware up to the newest version (1.10.1) you will need an update cable to do the upgrade. A link to the update instructions as well as the update files are also found on that page.

Looks like a few of us are on the same page. :slight_smile: Let us know if the problem is eradicated or not when the firmware is updated. Hopefully, you’ll be squared away.