Cell Phone Test Failure after I tried to Vivout

I purchased a Vivout kit and attempted to run a cell phone test and it failed. I’ve downloaded the newest firmware from your site (http://suretydiy.com/download/2GIG/firmware/) but I’m still seeing the icon from my previous provider in the corner and it won’t let me run a cell phone test. Help?

If you aren’t able to get to the cell phone test screen, but your firmware says it is updated to the latest version, you most likely do not have the cellular module seated correctly. (Or you may have installed it while the panel was still powered on - we see customers forget about unplugging the battery pack on occasion.) Try powering down the unit. (Unplug the power supply AND disconnect the back up battery pack.) Then removed the cellular module and reattach it. This video shows the steps. Be careful to align it properly and to make sure its fully seated where it connects on the top of the cellular module card.

If you are getting a failed cell phone test, it is worth following those same procedures, as it may not be seated properly. But other causes for failed cell phone tests include the panel being in an area where proper reception is not possible (if this is the case, moving the panel may help. Think about the walls surrounding the panel), having picked a carrier that doesn’t offer full coverage in your area (switching cell phone modules to a new carrier may solve the problem), or you might have a bad cell phone module, this is rare but it does happen (in this case you’ll need to replace the module).