Cell Phone Test Failed


Today my Alarm no longer connects and fails the cellphone test. My radio status is 0 out of 30. My home network is fine and I have tried rebooting the system several times. The panel and all my sensors work fine. I can turn on the alarm, but I am assuming it is not communicating to a central monitoring station anymore. Could I get some help troubleshooting?


Looks like my system is back online. It could have been a temporary disruption in service. If someone could confirm, that would be great given that my system was offline for about 3 hours. Not sure if the issue was on my end or if it was truly a disruption of service.


If you noticed a radio status of 0, that will indicate one of two issues:

Local signaling trouble due to equipment.

Or cell tower outage from the carrier.

Local issues can be caused by a number of things that can be checked: Did you move the panel at all prior to this? Or did you perform any work on the panel at all?

Check to make sure that the antenna is firmly attached to the cellular module, and make sure the module itself is seated properly and held down by the two included set screws. If the issue persists, powering down the system completely and reseating the module is a good test.

Is the panel antenna resting near a house line voltage wire?

Judging from the panel history, it looks like signaling has been pretty good for a while, so it is entirely possible this represented a cell tower outage, but unlikely, given that in most locations more than one tower can easily be reached. The panel showing 0 cell strength strikes as most likely a loose antenna wire so I would check that first.

Thanks for your help. I will look at the antenna to make sure it is not loose.