Cell phone communication failure

I was just curious as to why my panel at least 1 time in the night and during day will display a cell phone communication failure ? Is it because I have daily central station testing enabled? The module works just fine , and communicates perfectly when I do a manual test, signal strength 22/31 great signal , just curious?

Thank You

Same here. At least once a day I get the cellular network failure on my ATT 3G module (usually around 5:55pm EST). I check it, signal is good, and I perform a cell test which successfully completes.

This all started on 2/19/15. Prior to this, the daily periodic test did not trigger a cell network failure.

Strangely though, the failure usually coincides with the daily test period (immediately preceding the cell network failure, the periodic system test occurs)… As if the failure is being caused by the central station periodic system test itself…

All signals except auto-test signals will immediately jump to backup forwarding methods on the ADC back-end, which is why only the auto-test shows the failure. This isn’t something to worry about locally, nor something you could change, and will be resolved today.

In fact, this should be resolved as of now.

which is why only the auto-test shows the failure

Ahh…so just for clarity, its not the cell communication is failing, its the periodic test itself that is failing?

Actually just the confirmation of the test signal being received, as I can even see that go through. It should function normally now.

Actually just the confirmation of the test signal being received, as I can even see that go through. It should function normally now.

Confirmation of the periodic daily test signal being received is still failing…

Just out of curiosity, what specific changes are required to the backend to make it function properly?

It was functioning normally until I changed Q91 from (1) to (0), then back (turning off/on cell radio), which then evidently caused this issue to reoccur…

It just dawned on me, why is the panel even sending the daily periodic system test, when I have “smart test reports” enabled?

The way it should work is like this:

Smart test reports (enabled):

Any non-test signal during normal operation will reset the periodic test timer, and periodic test reports will ONLY be sent if the panel has not reported in any way to the central station.

So, apparently since every day the panel log shows the 5:54 “System Test”, for whatever reason Smart Test is not resetting the periodic test timer…

Is this another broken Q (like Q13(2))?

*Q13 is for enabling or disabling 2way voice for telephone/POTS and GSM/cell radio, but selecting Q13(2)Disabled doesn’t actually disable it (at least for cell radio/GSM).

Its possible this has been fixed since I last tried it when doing device testing (central station kept coming over 2way radio for orphaned 2way calls that were programmed as disabled)

I’ll test that on ours for a few days.

It’s better not to use it anyway, if you are wanting the CS to have an accurate understanding of when tests fail to go through. They are looking for them at a specific interval, (daily for you) not 24 hours after last signal (not an option).

I think the time of the report stays same, it would just “skip” it for that day, and reset it to 5:54 the next day…? Just guessing.

The whole purpose of this is same as the Q39 random report for loss of AC power trouble alert (which is to prevent congestion. Q39 In particular for say a mass blackout/power loss scenario affecting thousands). It should work.

Also, see if they ever fixed Q13. Last time I recall they gave some BS excuse that it is just for POTS/telephone 2way voice functionality (when the Q clearly states cellular/GSM radio 2way voice functionality). Always had the feeling, that it was broken, and the answer was just a blowoff from someone without a clue.

Q13 is overridden in Alarm.com systems if I recall correctly. While your panel initiates the contact directly with the CS, it does so based on a command by ADC which instructs the panel cell module the inbound number to dial. Alarm.com account set up controls the two way voice setting.