Cell Modem Issue after 3.2 upgrade

I performed the upgrade to 3.2 this afternoon and a little while ago noticed the adc app indicating Dual-Path Comms Failure - Cellular. I tried running the radio test on the console, and it failed. The radio finally showed registered, but still seeing the error in the app. Any insight?

Looks like trying to ping the panel across cell is hanging at the moment.

Try powering down the panel fully, unplug transformer then battery. Wait at least two full minutes. Remove the cell sled and reattach. Then power up the panel battery first then transformer.

Wait a few minutes for it to boot up. Then try a cell test. (this all will cover a few possible issues) Any luck?

Okay, at first it didn’t find the radio, but then it did, and the error has cleared.

Thanks for the follow up. Keep an eye on that and let us know if you see it again. Since broadband is functioning all messages are going through, but if you notice the panel not seeing a radio attached that very well could suggest a bug if it first started upon firmware application.

Yeah, the signal strength has never been higher than 2 or 3, but the service has been solid until just now when I applied that update.


Signaling is lower than that at the moment. Since the update strength readings have been 1 bar. Did the panel get moved at all? Or did the immediate environment around it change at all where it is installed?

If not you may simply be acquiring a signal from a different carrier tower source.

No change in location or surroundings, all I did was upgrade the firmware. It alerted again this morning that it could not connect via cellular radio, though it looks like it has reconnected again as the app is not indicating the failure.

Looks like the panel signaling is back to 2-3 bars right now, what it is reporting remotely. The panel may have initially connected to a more distant or weaker source after the firmware application.