cell communication failure

cell communication failure
panel not responding
followed all instructions- rebooted and re-inserted cell comm card.

please advise

Has the panel been moved or installed recently?

A few things to check:

Make sure the antenna is not resting near high voltage lines if in-wall.
Check to verify that the antenna is plugged in firmly.
Has there been any programming changes recently? Make sure that Q91 is set to (1).

Has any work been done to the panel while the panel is powered?

cell communication failure panel not responding

You need to troubleshoot your panel to determine the issue (assume you have the GC2, not GC3?).

What is current cell signal strength as reported by panel?

What type of module is in the panel (GSM2, GSM6, GC3GA-A, GCCDMV-A)?

Are you using the proper antenna for the cell module (if 3G HSPA or CDMA), and is it installed per 2GIG recommendations? (e.g., 12" antenna for the 3G modules in the wall)

A signal Strength below 10/31 will result intermittent communication signaling issues/drops. Relocate panel to area with 15/31 signal or better.

If GCCDMV-A (Verizon) issue may be intermittent/temporary due to nationwide refarming/upgrades to tower, and/or module may be roaming. Connectivity issues resulting from tower maintenance should resolve itself eventually.

If GSM2 or GSM6 This modules are discontinued with carrier support ending. Module needs replacement

To address cellular signaling issues for 3G modules, an option is to obtain the broadband bridge (2GIG Go!Bridge).

If the panel doesn’t have the “cell test” option (and Q91 is “1”) this may be indicative of a damaged or defective cell module or panel.