Ceiling Fan w/Z-Wave?

Hi all -

Is it possible to “Z-Wave enable” my ceiling fan? It would be great to leverage my alarm.com schedules/rules. I see several switches made by GE when I “google”… Was unsure if (a) this capability exists and (b) if it would work with ADC.


I have worked with these and 2GIG in the past: http://www.amazon.com/Leviton-VRF01-1LZ-Capable-Control-Almond/dp/B001HT4M48

There is no fan specific UI, so they will show up under light switches, but same control applies. You can set fan speed via the same slider as a dimmer switch if I recall.

Thanks Jason. I have had bad luck w/compatibility issues between alarm.com and the Leviton duplex outlets.

Maybe this would work? http://www.amazon.com/GE-12730-Z-Wave-Smart-Control/dp/B00PYMGVVQ

Ah, gotcha. Well I know the Leviton model actually worked with 2GIG on a much older firmware so I presume it should still be fine compatibility wise. (although those could be famous last words)

I am not certain on the GE you link, never tested. Would be worth a try from a reputable seller with a good return policy. It would just function like a dimmer switch from ADC if it has speed controls and works with 2GIG.

I had an extra Aetech in wall module laying around awhile back, Works if you only want on/off. gotta use pull cord on fan to change speed which isn’t an issue as I leave it on med. The GE switch wasn’t available at that time. hope this helps.