cdma 2g 3g early sunset in some areas

Rumor is Verizon is shutting down cdma,2g,3g early in some rural areas… By end of 2019.
I live in a very rural area and Verizon is my only option. No internet, no landline.
I’ve got an older system and really don’t wanna swap everything out. Can I just upgrade the cellular module with a Verizon lte compatible one.
Simon xt
2 touch screens
Ge sensors
Aeon labs inwall zwave relays
Ct100 thermostat ---- will my legacy thermostat also be compatible and carry over.

Option B. ???Best long term upgrade option???
??The newest interlogix control panel ??
I really dread setting up an entirely new system…

If you are happy with your current panel and in fact wish to keep Verizon service, I suggest that you purchase the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-LTE-VZ module. You may want to do your homework to be sure that it is compatible. I am not a surety representative, but only a forum participant and can NOT CONFIRM this part to be an exact fit 100%, but I’m fairly confident. You can probably do some homework and see if this is what you need.

Once you upgrade the module you will need to let surety know the new S/N of the module so they can update your account. I believe it comes with a 4g sim ready to go.

Yes, you can upgrade the Simon XT cellular module to an LTE module. While only Verizon knows what Verizon will do, they have committed to keep 3G modules working through the end of 2022. So you shouldn’t need to rush unless Verizon reneges.

Upgrading the cellular module would be a little less effort on your end because you wouldn’t have to reprogram your sensors. You would, however, have to reprogram all your Z-Wave devices because on the Simon XT the Z-Wave feature actually lives in the cellular module, not the main panel.

Long term you might consider upgrading to a Qolsys panel instead of the latest Interlogix panel. In that case you would have to reprogram the z-wave devices and the sensors but the Qolsys QS9201-1208-840 does work with GE sensors.

You would still be able to use your CT100 thermostat on your existing account as long as you don’t cancel it. Your account is grandfathered in to allow the CT100 but if you get a new account it won’t work with the CT100.

Awesome everything I needed to know. Thank you all…