Carbon Monoxide Issues

We have been having ongoing issues with our carbon monoxide detector. It will often lose communication with the central panel or indicate the battery is low shortly after replacement, (sufficient voltage confirmed via a multi meter). When I replace the battery the LED blinks through all three colors every 10 or 12 seconds after which it sometimes flashes green, but more often the LED does not illuminate after going through the period of all three colors. For the occasions where it has been flashing green, it will abruptly stop and a notice that is no longer managed will be issued by the panel.

I have cleaned the metal contacts a number of times and made certain they contact the battery. I have found that movement of the device sometimes makes it work, so I’m wondering whether an internal component is loose. Please advise as I need to have confidence in the CO detection considering our gas heat and water heater.

What is the model of your CO detector?

From the description, I would recommend replacement. If I understand correctly and simply rotating the device in your hand changes whether it is powered or not, that is not a good sign. I would recommend contacting the seller. If you purchased the device from suretyDIY and it is under warranty still, you can find our returns policy here.

Thank you, Jason. It is model 2GIG-CO3-345. I did purchase it from suretyDIY, so I’ll look to exchange it.

If its under two years old, the warranty will cover it. So you can choose whichever method for exchanging it that you would prefer.