Carbon Dioxide Monitor question


  1. my Carbon Dioxide Monitor keeps beeping even after I changed the battery. When I took the battery out to keep it from beeping, my panel now keeps making loud audible sounds and wont let me clear out the notifications.
  2. my panel keeps beeping due to notifications but wont seems to let me clear them out.

There are a handful of system issues that are going on right now according to, and there would be trouble beeps from any of them. You would need to acknowledge them all on the panel to silence beeps.

Looks like that includes a low battery on:

  • Garage Glass Break
  • Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

You have a general malfunction listed for the Carbon Monoxide detector.

Your panel is also reporting a panel tamper at this time.

From the home screen, press security, then tap the flashing exclamation point icon to read and acknowledge all alerts.

Regarding the Carbon Monoxide specifically, it is possible this is due to the age of the sensor.

These detectors typically have a five year lifespan, depending on the model, and must be replaced after reaching their end of life. You cannot continue using an expired carbon monoxide detector as the detector itself will only produce a malfunction state.

If it is beyond its expiration, you can delete the carbon monoxide detector in programming to ensure there are no more alerts regarding it, until you have a replacement ready.

What is the replace by date on the carbon monoxide detector?

replacement date is 2020/jan

Yep, that would be the issue for that Carbon Monoxide detector then. It will continue to report malfunction regardless of any troubleshooting and needs to be replaced.

I can try to send a command to delete that sensor so it no longer causes alerts until you get a chance to replace it. Would you like me to send that command now?

yes send command

DOes the replacement carbon dioxide monitor have to be purchased from you, can any z-wave unit work? Any other specs that i need to make sure the replacement unit has?

You can purchase the new Carbon from wherever you like, it doesnt have to be Surety, so long as the device is compatible.

Z-Wave life safety devices aren’t compatible with however. You’ll need an RF sensor that communicates on 345MHz. Something like the 2GIG CO1-345 would work.

Commands have been sent to remove the malfunctioning device. Please allow about 5-10 minutes for these commands to process. You may need to log out of your account, then back in, to see these changes.