cant log in to

I cant log in to I had my own system when I signed up last night. I need to find out if I put the correct number from the system in when I signed up. I put the number on the back of the module in. but when I go in to the programming on the system and check id number its different. I need to get this up as soon as possible.

It looks like this order you are referencing was processed and welcome email sent. (So the correct number was submitted) It is ready to go, though to be able to login to you’ll need to connect the system by following the instructions in the Welcome Email.

The Welcome Email will also contain your initial login credentials.

I got 2 emails and neither one is a welcome email with instructions. just order confirmation and reciept

Looks like it was sent today at 9:21 am. Check for an email with subject line starting: “Welcome to suretyDIY” I’ll have customer service send another for you.

Ok. I checked spam box too. I didn’t get it this morning

Any luck yet. There’s no customer service number and I can’t spend all day emailing

is anyone even reading this?

Yes. The email was resent at 12:18.

Please check spam. Should you be having trouble receiving emails, it would be good to submit an alternate contact email. You can do so through our secure message tool found here.

im not having trouble receiving emails. every response from you comes to my email. I got the receipts last night. can you check to see if it is being sent to the correct email?

Yes, it is being sent to the email address submitted, and I can verify it is the same as the one tied to your forum login.

You might try adding the in your address book list. It looks like three emails have been sent by customer service today, so if you’ve not seen any they appear to be getting filtered.

Can you try adding customer service as a contact and let us know when you have? We’ll have the team resend after and then confirm.

I just checked and all of the emails I have received have been from that address. I added it to the address book just now… but I don’t think the problem is on my end

Customer service has just sent another response. Please check and let us know.

still nothing. but still getting all of the other emails.

but still getting all of the other emails.

Are you referring to new emails…or just the previous order receipts?

Further response has been sent.

Same issue for me. Need some help