Can't Keep SP1 Connections

I have a system with two SP1s under the latest firmware, and they continually drop off and never self heal. The WiFi system is eero, and there is good coverage. Has anyone had these challenges or seen solutions? I’ve created a ticket with 2GIG, but they can’t seem to do anything about it.

I’ve had the same issue with my 2 SP1s. They continue to disconnect and get hung on the wireless connectivity screen. The only thing that “usually” helps is rebooting my wifi router (google wifi). The problem is annoying. I wonder if using a static IP address or for the SP1s would help?

We’ve had similar reports. It does appear to possibly coincide with DHCP leasing.

Setting a Static IP on the SP1s is an option to try.

Another option would be to try the Access Point feature on the GC3 and connect the SP1s directly to the GC3 Access Point.

To do so: Go to Settings - Network Settings. Turn off wireless on GC3. Enable Access Point. Connect the SP1s to the GC3 via the on screen info (network key will be shown). Once the SP1s are connected, re-enable wireless on the GC3 and connect to your Wifi.

Any luck?