Cant get IQ2 to see IQ touch

My IQ Touch panel finally went to the great blue yonder today. Luckily, I had a spare that I got off of eBay. After getting the panel to see all of my sensors, the one thing I haven’t been able to do is to add my old IQ2 panels.

Both are running 1.6.3 software but when I type in the IQ2’s IP address I get an error message on the main and it fails.

I also checked the box in the settings to enable “IQ Panel.”

Any suggestions?


IQ Panel Software: Version: Q1.6.3-ADCS 6.4-ADCL 6.4
Build Date: 180722017
Last Patch Added: hc163-18072017.tar.gz

IQ2 Panel Software: 1.6.3

Have you tried performing a master reset on the IQ2 remotes?

If you haven’t yet, I would do that first, then retry connecting them to your network and the panel.

Thanks, Jason.

That worked!