Can't enroll Schlage FE599 Z-Wave lock

I have a Schlage FE599 Z-Wave lock that I want to connect to an IQ Panel 2. I can’t get the lock to enter Z-Wave enrollment mode. I’ve tried these combinations several times each.

  1. Press Schlage button
  2. Enter 6 digit programming code
  3. Press 0

and the reverse

  1. Enter 6 digit programming code
  2. Press Schlage button
  3. Press 0

Either way when I get to the 4th digit in the code the light turns red as if I’ve entered an incorrect user code. How do I enter the 6 digit programming code without getting stopped at the 4th digit?

The lock must be in an unlocked state. This is the most likely issue I think.

The programming code cannot be used to unlock the door, so if the lock is already in a locked state you wouldn’t be able to enter the 6 digit code.

I know this is 2 1/2 years late for the OP but in case someone else finds this thread in a Search, here’s the steps to include FE599 into your Z-Wave Network;

  1. Make sure your Z-Wave Controller is in close proximity to your FE599 (since it is not Z-Wave Plus).
  2. Put your network controller into “Add” Mode
  3. Press the “Schlage” Button and it will flash red three times
  4. Enter your six digit Programming Code
  5. Press the “Schlage” Button again and it should turn blue
  6. Press the 0 key (zero).