Can't disable "entry delay" on GC3!!

I have a GC3 panel and starting today, my panel defaults to “entry delay” enabled. So anytime I arm the alarm as Away or Stay, it enables “no entry delay”. I see the entry delay toggle switched ON in the main screen and I can toggle it off. However, if I trigger arm Stay or Away after the entry delay toggle is set to OFF, it re-enables it to ON and get a verbal response saying “…arming away with entry delay…” Only way I can arm the alarm WITHOUT entry delay is via the web site.

What’s wrong with my GC3 panel?

A couple things:

  1. The Panel should always default to Entry Delay enabled.
  2. The Panel only announces a reference to Entry Delay if Entry Delay is actually turned off. (Arming Stay, No Entry Delay.) I’m not aware of it announcing “With Entry Delay” ever, so this would be new.

Could you provide a video of the issue as it occurs? We can forward any aberrant behavior to 2GIG for review. Please include panel audio if possible.