Can't add new sensors/devices

I’m having trouble adding new sensors/devices to my IQ panel.

I tried adding a Everspring SE812 siren as a new device but my panel wont pair with it. I tried a Everspring HSM02-0 door/window sensor but the panel never sees it either. I tried a Ecolink PIR-ZWAVE2 motion with the same results. I even tried a generic monoprice PID:10795 door/window sensor.

All these sensors and the siren operate on z-wave 908.42 MHz. I understand that at times there might be compatibility issues but at the very least my panel should see them since they operate at the same frequency. Shouldn’t it??

Could there be something wrong with my panel or are these devices just not compatible?

Z-wave sensor devices are not compatible with any alarm panel, so those devices will not work. That siren is not listed in the compatible devices list. See the list attached below.

Alarm panels use a dedicated RF for security sensors, in the case of Qolsys, 319 mhz GE. They are not designed to make use of Z-wave security sensors due to reliability concerns.

Qolsys-Supported-Z-Wave-Devices2.pdf (513 KB)

That’s a little disappointing but I should have researched before buying all those sensors lol… What do I do with them now? :slight_smile:

sell them on ebay

Depending on how long ago they were purchased you might try contacting the seller to find out if they can be returned.