Cannot Pair IQ4 Remote-PG

I’m trying to pair an IQ4 Remote-PG with IQ4-PG. The IQ4-PG says it has the latest software 4.2.1, but the IQ4 Remote-PG says it cannot pair, unless the IQ4-PG is updated to 4.3.0 or higher.

How can this be resolved?

Perform the following steps:

• Update the primary panel to 4.3.0 if it is not yet 4.3.0. Instructions linked at the bottom.
• Connect the IQR-PG to Wi-Fi (if available) or the panels built in access point. Do not pair via PowerG yet
• Pair the IQR-PG to the primary panel via Wi-Fi and it will immediately download the required image
• If the IQR-PG is going to be paired via Wi-Fi no further action is required.

If the IQR-PG is going to be paired via PowerG:

• After the above steps are completed when the software is downloaded and the remote has rebooted
• Delete the IQR-PG as a Wi-Fi device
• Pair the IQR-PG as a PowerG Device

@jwcsurety, that solved the issue, thanks for your help!