Cannot 'Connect to Panel'

Qolsys panel not completing successful Cellular test.

Qolsys IQ panel shows Cellular Information as:

  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Cellular Connection: No Signal
  • Cell signal strength: 0 (0/5) BARS

When trying to complete the Cellular Test is times out and cannot connect. Any assistance or tips?

I assume this is true, but just to be sure, is the panel on the ground floor or higher and away from large metal sources? Do you have any general cellular reception issues there?

Assuming there should be a good signal there, first try a power down: Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down. Leave the system off for 20 minutes or so.

After 20 minutes, boot up, wait a few minutes after boot up, and try a cell test. Any change?

If not it may be necessary to run a Master Reset. This option is found under Settings > Advanced Settings > Dealer Code (default 2222) > Installation > Dealer Settings. This would return the panel to factory defaults.

The panel is on the main level of the home. It was previously locked to Safe Haven and had fine cell reception.

After having safe haven delete the account to free up the panel to use Surety is when I noticed the cell bars dropped to none.

Powered down for 20 mins and back up. Still getting a “No Cellular signal found” message after trying a cell test.

Will perform the “Master Reset” now. As the panel does still show Safehaven branding in the corner.

Thank you! Master Reset fixed it :slight_smile: