cancel old and start new

I currently am an subscriber with another monitoring company. I am concerned about having down time .I would like to order the components necessary to do the monitoring through you. Is it possible to leave my current alarm company monitoring untell I received the equipment from you and we have installed it in order to deactivate through them and start a new account through you the same day?

It looks like this is related to this question and you are referring to a 2GIG Panel correct?

If you are already planning to purchase a new communication module either a la carte or in the switch kit found here you could get set up with virtually zero downtime. The only downtime would be when you are physically working on the panel swap.

If you purchase the module and service from suretyDIY your new account through suretyDIY would be ready for you to connect whenever you physically swap the cellular module in your panel. The timing would be up to you. You could leave your existing service active until after you’ve made the swap.