Can you delete z-wave devices for me?

Would you please delete the z wave devices that are labeled “Delete Me Please 1 & 2” under devices in my account. Thank you.

As this is a DIY service we normally only delete devices for you if there is a reason to, for example if for some reason your system is not letting you do it yourself.

To remove a z-wave device using the 2GIG panel go to services -> z-wave -> toolbox (the wrench) -> remove devices. Then put the device in enrollment mode by doing whatever you did on that device in the first place to add it to your system, which depends on the device. Often it means pressing a learn button on the device once or twice. You should then see a message on the the 2GIG panel that says a device has been removed. It’s removed immediately from the 2GIG panel but it may take some time for reflect that. Running a cell phone test after removing a device may speed up the synchronization.