Can someone point me in the direction of the best place to buy zwave switches?

I know you can buy them at Lowes, online, etc.

It just information overload plus I’m real new to this.

Whats the best switch for the buck and the best place to get them?


Best switch for the buck is the GE zwave switch at Lowes. You just drive down to your local Lowes store, find the iris aisle, and buy them.

(They also have the ct100 zwave tstat, everspring/utilitech zwave 100db siren/strobe, Schlage and Qwikset zwave deadbolts and locks, GE zwave appliance outlets, and zwave energy meters…all of which work with the 2GIG panel)

Evolve and Linear switches are pricey, and 3ways require a separate $40 minimote for pairing/associating (but if you want zwave dimmers these are the best deal for the buck)

Now you can buy just a zwave light bulb, and screw it into any normal light socket, and control it via zwave…Linear LED zwave dimmer capable light bulbs $35 (online)

GE zwave switch (Lowes iris) $34
GE zwave 3 way switch (Lowes Iris) $44
GE zwave outlet (Lowes iris) $35

How to install GE zwave switches: