Can Lightening trigger motion detectors?


Curious question, my alarm system was triggered early this morning, specifically 3 out of the 4 motion detectors were triggered which all happened to be hardwired, while the wireless one wasn’t. What is even more curious is they were almost all triggered with a second of each other and they are on different levels.

So can lightening cause them to be triggered? I have a camera and could see it was storming.


It is certainly conceivable that a power surge may affect powered wired detectors if it hits their power source. It may also affect the takeover module or other device monitoring the wired circuits. If only powered detectors were affected it is very likely your assumption is accurate. Unfortunately it is hard to predict the effects of an extreme power surge on the system. It looks like there is a low battery condition for wired sensors (which has been there a while). This would mean the 12VDC brick backup battery used with the takeover module is low/dead.

Yeah I need to replace the battery :frowning:

Thanks for the answer!