can I use the garage door homelink button on my 2014 toyota tundra to disarm

can I use the garage door homelink button on my 2014 toyota tundra to disarm the 2 gig panel somehow? , sorry if this has been asked. I searched and did not find.

Good question.

The first thing to consider is whether you really want to let Homelink disarm your security alarm. I’d have to do some research on how Homelink works but if you can just press a button in your car without having to enter a code then if someone were to get access to your car they could disarm your alarm.

If you really do want to make your Homelink button disarm your alarm I think it would be technically possible. A google search turned up this:

It looks like a device that responds to Homelink buttons and closes a relay. If you use that then you just have to figure out a way to disarm the alarm system when the relay is closed. I’ve used a hack before to disarm 2GIG panels with industrial access control systems via a normally open relay. A momentary push button is basically the same thing as a normally open relay. The buttons on 2GIG key fobs (or most any key fobs) are momentary push buttons. You can take the keyfob apart and solder a the NO relay output to the momentary push button input terminals of the keyfob’s disarm button.

Double warning here:

  1. This might not be a very secure setup with Homelink. The commercial access control systems I was using are very secure and required a code, card or fob credential that could easily be revoked if it was lost. I don't know enough about Homelink to know how secure it is.
  2. Taking apart a 2GIG key fob and soldering to it absolutely voids it's warranty and if you're not good a soldering you would probably destroy 1 or a few before you get it right.

I’m not sure it’s worth the risk and effort to do this but if you really want to I hope this helps. There may be other ways to accomplish the same thing if you get really creative.

thanks for the detailed info.