Can I Temporarily Stop Monitoring to Test My System?

Your 24/7 Central Station account can be placed on Test Mode at any time. This allows you to trigger your alarm system and send signals to the central station without the signals being acted upon or local dispatch being contacted.

In addition to system testing, you may want to put your account on Test Mode when powering down your panel for some time, such as when moving the panel from one location to another or having work done to the residence.

New accounts with 24/7 central station monitoring will have their account automatically placed on test mode for one week.

Should you ever need to enable or disable test mode, this can be done via the System Manager located in your Surety account dashboard.

Note that you can also place your account on Two-Way Test Mode. This will allow you to trigger an alarm and operators will respond via Two-Way Voice (if enabled) without fear of the alarm event being acted upon in an official capacity or the local dispatching authority being contacted. In order to enable Two-Way Test Mode, you will need to contact 24/7 central station operators directly at 855-348-0367.