Can I release my panel from if I have dealer and installer code?


I recently purchased a new home that came with “Smart Home” package and included QOLSYS IQ 4 panel. The installer (Safe Haven) is an ADT dealer and I declined ADT services. They installed the panel, created account for me, and registered the manel IMEI with I learned now that if I wanted to sign up with Surety I need to have the IMEI released from by the installer. I don’t know (yet) if they will be willing to do that and reading from this forum and elsewhere it looks like some people had luck and some did not. However, I already have the dealer and installer codes for the panel (I was able to remember them) so I have full access to the system to reset it. My question is - will full factory reset un-register the IMEI from account or will it still be registered and only the dealer/installer can actually do that? Thanks

No, you will need to have them unregister the panel before you can sign up with Surety.

Factory resetting the panel will not remove its registration from an existing account. The current dealer must delete the account.

What was the installer / dealer code?