Can I have Qolsys2 a Panel Beep when door opens without a Panel?

My lovely bride is beginning to experience hearing loss and is finding it difficult to hear either of our two Qolsys2 panels beep when a door is opened and she is sitting at her work desk in her studio. Short of purchasing another Remote Panel and mounting it near her desk just for the beeps, is there any way get a panel beep sound into her room? Does the keyfob beep?

yes u can get a secondary remote keypad to beep in her area

Thanks for the fast reply. I was asking if there was some other way to do this without incurring the expense of the Secondary Panel.

Well wait do u have the plus version

If so u can a powerg indoor siren and program it chime put it in her room

The powerg indoor siren is actually little cheaper if u have the plus panel

OK, back inside from hauling firewood.

I spent more than a few minutes going through all the settings available for “user” and “installer” and couldn’t find anything to tell me if it is a “plus” main panel or not. If you can offer guidance as to how to find this information, I would be most appreciative.

FWIW, the system was installed in August of 2019.

Plus just means it offers powerg go under system test area see if u see anything says powerg test if u see anything about powerg test that means it’s plus panel

I do have the “PowerG Test” function, so I guess I have the Plus model of main panel.

I will investigate the PowerG interior siren and see if it can be set to do what I want.
Thanks for the help!

you could install a Bluetooth speaker. The IQ2 panel supports some speakers (I don’t have one, yet), but there is a brand called Anker that you can learn in.

I believe the speaker will broadcast all the noises the panel makes (like voices, beeps, chimes, etc.), but someone else can confirm this.

That’s an excellent suggestion. Is there any knowledgeable person out there who can confirm that a bluetooth speaker will be able to play all or most of the sounds emitted from the main panel?

Also, what is the range Bluetooth is supposed to cover and what percentage of that is what should be considered normal? If I was to use a Bluetooth speaker, it would be about 50 feet and I’m guessing that greatly exceeds what Bluetooth can do.

all great questions, which I have no experience in, however, according the manufacturer, the Anker 3109 does have a bluetooth of 66 ft range (See bottom of link).,66ft)%20and%20a%20strengthened%20connection.

That’s good to know; perhaps it might work.

An additional question: you provided a link to the Qolsys page listing several Anker speakers that are confirmed to work with the main panel; I note that it says that the speaker would REPLACE the beeps from the panel.

I would interpret this to mean that the beeps at the panel would be silenced and all sound would come from the bluetooth speaker. Is this so, or would the bluetooth speaker sounds be in addition to the main panel sounds?

I wondered that myself. Sounds like it silences the panel.

I actually have questions of my own because i’ll be wanting one of these in summer to put in the backyard deck.

  1. Does the panel support more than 1 speaker?

  2. Does the speaker have AC/DC input? looks like there is USB port, but doesn’t say if it powers it.

If you are referring to the Bluetooth speaker, I can see from photos that the A3109 speaker has a micro-USB cable and wall wart that most likely does the voltage conversion. I can only assume that the A3108 has the same or similar setup.

great! Turns out the battery life is 24hrs on this, without AC power.

I don’t have one to test, so I had to reach out to Qolsys, you can use either the Anker A3108 and A3109 but you can only use one speaker with the panel. This does not affect the panels chime/voice annunciation.

[quote=“tyler, post:18, topic:13352”]
This does not affect the panels chime/voice annunciation[/quote]

Just to triple check, you are saying that pairing a bluetooth speaker to the main panel will allow for remote hearing of beeps, etc. AND will not silence the main panel itself?

That is what Qolsys reps have informed me at this time. Unfortunately, I am unable to test as I do not have the necessary speaker.