Can I add more light status indicators?

Can I add more lights to my ADC account so that I can see if they are on or off on the app? I actually only need 3 more.

You cannot increase the status limit of 10, though you can choose which you want to poll status for. According to ADC this does not apply to new Z-wave plus devices, which are able to provide the status to the panel themselves without polling.

I tried to do a search for Z-wave plus devices and could not find any

can you direct me to a link that shows zwave plus devices that will work with a GC2, specifically plug in switched outlets?

The Smart Switch 6 is the Z-wave Plus plug-in outlet we would recommend. You can find it here in our store.

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I bought that one on your recommendation. Just to be clear, I can switch of status monitoring on ADC and it will show me status?

ADC documentation states that Z-wave Plus devices will update status automatically, with no limit applied. The patent causing the original problem has expired it appears, and a setting in Z-wave plus devices which updates the controller of the status is on by default for newer models. Aeon Labs indicates in documentation that the Smart Switch 6 has this enabled by default.

I went into ADC and turned off the setting for “Show light status” on the Smart Switch 6. It does not show status with that setting turned off and must be turned on which keeps you within the 10 monitored device limit (meaning that this setting must be on to show status and will count against your 10.

Also on my iPhone ADC app it only shows 2 out of the 10 lights I have selected to monitor, but in the website portal it shows all 10

What am I missing here?

Looking at your account, I see 12 Z-wave lights showing status. If you login to your website and check the lights page, view the cards that show on or off under the “Other” group. These appear to all be Z-wave. There are 12 showing a status. This would mean at least two Z-wave Plus devices are present and reporting status.

May I ask why the ability to show status for additional lights beyond the 10 limit was removed? In the past you could pay extra to have this done.

May I ask why the ability to show status for additional lights beyond the 10 limit was removed? In the past you could pay extra to have this done.

To my knowledge, this is not correct and has never been offered by

Light status polling, to avoid taxing the network, has a max of 10 devices that can be selected. It has been that way since the ability was rolled out.

Would you mind linking any contrary advice you are referencing?

There was an email exchange with my real name on Wed, May 18, 2016 at 4:39 PM with me and you

"To: surety DIYteam

Please add block of 5 sensor monitoring for $2.00 a month to my account.

Thank you "

you responded with:

" We have processed your request and have added 1 block of 5 sensors for activity monitoring at an additional $2 per month to your account. Please note, if you are currently logged in, you may need to log out and back in to see these changes reflected on your account.

Should you have additional questions, or if we can be of additional assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thank you,

suretyCAM security and automation’s Do-It-Yourself Division"

That email is referencing sensor activity monitoring (alarm sensors). It is not related to lights.

Here is an old page on sensor activity monitoring.