I switched over from a Vivint system and now my cameras are said to be linked to another account. I followed the instructions, but they still seem to be linked elsewhere. How do I get them linked to my current account?

Ah, yes. Cameras can only be attached to one powered account at a time. In order to add them to your current account, you’ll need to have them removed from the old account. Do you still have access to that account to make the change?


You have to login to, use the username and pass code given to you by Vivint. You then must delete each camera (under video device info)

“Delete this Video Device”

Then log out, and re login to using your new username/pass code. Then add them.

If for whatever reason, you can no longer log into with the Vivint credentials, you will not be able to use the cameras on any other ADC account. (And just in case you were wondering, Vivint won’t help you delete the cameras if you canceled their services)

Once you delete them from the old account, you will have to reset the cameras to factory default. Each camera defaults differently, what model cameras are you using?

I was able to get two out of the three cameras working. The third appears to be stuck in the boot up mode. When I plug it in only the red light illuminates. I’ve tried resetting it and that doesn’t work either. I’ve searched that discussion boards but nothing. Any advice on how to fix it?

To clarify, these steps result in a red light on the camera? And the camera is not showing up on ADC after it has been removed from the previous account and reset to factory default?

  • Power down camera
  • Connect an ethernet patch cable between the router and the camera
  • Power up the camera

What model of camera is failing to connect?

Try this…

Unplug everything but camera 2.1mm power plug, get a toothpick, hold in reset for like 30-45 sec, release, then unplug camera power.

Connect ethernet cable, go to, and manually enter device MAC if it fails to detect camera.

I have had one Vivint camera (v520ir) fail to connect to ADC, this was due to a firmware issue.

To force it to connect while plugged into Ethernet, I manually entered the MAC address.

So try that…Ethernet and manually enter the MAC address