Cameras wont connect to svr

I recently set up my svr and I went to view my recordings with my cameras (ADC-V520IR), well i had no recordings and found out that i had an error saying “camera does not appear to be recording, make sure camera is powered on and connected to the same router as the SVR”… well the cameras are powered on and i can see live video and they are on the same router, so i do not know what to do. Looking for advice to fix this issue. Thanks!

From what I can tell it looks like storage space is being used and you have schedules set up for both cameras for local recordings. These can be found under video - recording schedules - local recordings.

Are you still noticing this issue? It looks the SVR is reporting an install time very shortly before this post so this may have been a case of the video not being accessible yet if you are now seeing the video.