Cameras not recording motion

None of my cameras were recording except the doorbell camera. I am not sure why they stopped but wanted to restart the GC3 panel to see if that would resolve the issue. Any ideas why they are no longer recording motion and video. It will work if I use the app and record the video clip. However, they are no longer recodring the motion as they did previously did.
I tried to restart my GC3 using the 2203 code to see if this resolves the issue but it does not work. Any idea if has locked my pad to prevent my access? I wanted to try to troubleshoot but now I am just hoping i can get some input form the forum on bith issues.

Does resolution affect the ability as I have Cameras set to auto currently?

I was able to access after remembering I changed the code. However, my cameras do not record and that issue remains.

Your alarm panel has no impact on video camera recording. video cameras do not communicate with the alarm panel locally.

Currently it doesn’t look like any Video Motion detection recording schedules are there, except for the doorbell. There is an Alarm schedule set up for the other cameras by default, and it looks like a number of recordings occurred shortly before this first post due to a duress alarm.

Did you previously have motion detection schedules? I’m not seeing a point in history where they would have been removed, going back at least a few months.

If you would like to use VMD recordings with the cameras, you would want to set up VMD parameters for each camera under Video Device Settings, then create a recording schedule for motion detection under Recording Schedules.

Note that the motion detection schedule for the doorbell cam will not include or impact the other cameras.

I am not quite finding your suggestion on the mobile application. Am I looking in the correct location for making these changes? In the app, I select Video, Select settings , select pause/resumeRecoring schedules. They are enabled for all deovices. Only the doorbell works.
Can I manage this from some other location?

I am not quite finding your suggestion on the mobile application.

VMD settings and recording schedule setup is found in the website. From the app you can pause recordings and adjust doorbell schedules, but you need to access the website and navigate to the Video tab. Here you will select Video Device Settings and Video Motion Detection to set up detection windows for your cameras, and Recording Schedules to create motion detection schedules.

You do not currently have any VMD schedules for the video cameras.

The Doorbell camera does not use VMD, its motion detection schedule uses the built in PIR on the doorbell.