Camera Trouble After Replacing Router

After replacing our home router, we lost connectivity to our 2Gig WIFI camera. Successfully re-established WIFI connection to router via WPS (solid green light) but failed to establish connection to the camera via

I reset camera to factory defaults, re-established a WIFI connection and deleted the device via Now unable to add back the camera via (“Notice: No new cameras were found”) despite repeated attempts. Even tried hardwired ethernet connection to router (also solid green), but no love.

Any advice is appreciated!

Reconnecting the Wifi should be all that is needed in this situation if the camera has not been deleted. Keep in mind there may be a delay after this before the feed is visible.

With the device removed, try resetting to defaults once more. It sounds like you tried a reset prior to removing the cam. Press and hold the B button for at least ten seconds.

Plug in a patch cable and power cycle the camera. When it fully boots up, go to video page and check if ADC sees the camera at that point.

If not, try manually entering the MAC address for this cam. Any luck?