Camera not recording

Despite having multiple triggers to record (motion detection and various events), my camera “Carport Camera” hasn’t recorded any clips in over a month. Wireless signal strength is > 95% and I can view it live, it just isn’t recording. Any thoughts?

I would first make sure the schedules are not paused or that you have exceeded your monthly limit.

If this is not the case, you can test whether the camera is registering motion with the VMD settings window.

If you have event based recordings that are not functioning, try removing and re-adding them. Wait a few minutes then test. Does this solve the issue?

Schedules aren’t paused, i’m under the monthly limit, and my other two cameras are working perfectly.

Removed and re-added rules, no luck

On live view (works with all 3 cameras), if I hit “Manually record a video clip”, it doesn’t even record from the carport camera there (but works perfect from the other 2)

Delete camera from, reset the camera itself by holding in the reset button… Then re-add camera, and recreate all rules

Deleting the camera, cutting power to it for a minute, and then re-adding it worked! Thanks!