Camera not detecting movement

My front porch camera works, but the video detection is not working. Any suggested fixes I can try? The issue started a couple weeks back, after working previously. I did tweak the settings somewhat so it wasn’t as sensitive, but I have it set now to record all the time and its not picking up people going in and out of the house.

What camera is it?

I assume camera is actually outside? V720?, and not an indoor camera looking through a window?

Rules for VMD setup? VMD windows? What’s the rule settings? Post screenshot of VMD rule, and VMD windows.

Yes. Front porch camera outside.

  1. What are the “at home settings” for VMD rule?

  2. If you are gonna use super large VMD windows, better set it to something less than 20% (e.g., 3%-5%)

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Its better to use small VMD windows BTW, for example:

Also, if you have a windows tablet or notebook PC you can test your VMD in real time.

Go to, video>video device settings>video motion detection

Choose a VMD window, and test it by walking in the area (while holding tablet/pc), or have someone walk in the area while you watch on the VMD screen. Screen will go red when VMD is activated. Use that to make adjustments to sensitivity, target size, and VMD window size.

Thanks for the suggestions…played with the settings and got it working again. Thanks!