Camera not connecting

app or online will not find camera-
wifi under connect your device, never finds correct camera (tried a few that showed up) and finally message - we could not verify you are connected to your camera.
This is a new house with pre-installed alarm- skybell camera slimline 2 - ADC-VDB105x.
Any thoughts or suggestions

On the Skybell are you entering AP mode and using the app? Skybells can only be added through the mobile app, not the website. All other cameras can be added through the website.

  1. Put the doorbell into Access Point (AP) mode by holding the main button until the LED alternates green and red.
  2. Log into the mobile app.
  3. Tap Menu
  4. Tap Doorbell Camera .
  5. Tap Settings Gear
  6. Tap Add Camera
  • If Add Camera does not appear, you may have reached the maximum number of video devices the service package allows. Remove the SkyBell Doorbell Camera from the account, then re-enroll it using the Customer app. This will likely need to be done if you only have the Video Doorbell Only add-on through Surety as it only allows for one Doorbell Camera.
  1. In Select Video Device, tap to select the desired device.

Thanks for your assistance…unfortunately, nothing seems to work. Its blinking correct colors, ( I have disconnected from the wiring, put it back on, etc), I have tried through mobile app (, and when I get to doorbell camera, it shows zero cameras and a message that my plan includes it, but no cameras are associated…i click on plus sign to add, then wi-fi section place is where it never finds it. It finds a few skybell cameras- probably neighbors, and i have tried them but it won’t ever connect. Not sure at this point if there is a solution. Thanks and let me know if you have any other ideas/suggestions.

Has the SkyBell been factory reset?

This is done by pressing and holding the Skybell] button for approximately 80 seconds until the LED flashes yellow. The Doorbell Camera then reboots and reverts to AP mode (i.e., flashing red and green LED). Might take a few minutes to fully reboot.

Does the camera revert to AP mode and are you able to pair?