Camera Location

Hi All

I have 2 ADC 520IR camera’s that I am setting up. I was wondering what would be the best placement for them? I am attaching a drawing with my first floor setup. I currently have a ts1 by the main entry and keypads by the rear and garage door. I also have motion detectors as noted on the drawing. I currently have one of the cameras sitting on a piece of furniture, but want to have them mounted on the ceiling or wall. What would be the best placement for the 2 cameras?


The answer to this question somewhat depends on what you’re interested in catching with the camera and how you have your recording schedules setup. Are you looking to just cover the points of entry, the keypads, doors, general area, etc?

Just as a note, for interior cameras, I would argue against setting up your recording schedules based on motion events as you will use up your recording space pretty quickly as people move around the house and cause recordings to trigger.