Camera Image

Anyone see the V720 image look “Sepia-like”? I have about 14 of these and this so far is the only one doing it. I did purchase the units from here.

Hue and saturation are fully configurable in the video settings section on ADC. Typically if the image is completely black and white (it looks like there is still some color to the shown image) that is going to mean IR cut filter activated and it is in nightvision mode. Do you see a glow from the IR emitters?

I’ve not touched any of the 14’s settings for that they have all looked great OOTB. I disabled the IR filter as well and it still looked the same so it rules that out. If I disable color it looks fine obviously…

But yes there is partial color which makes me wonder if the optics are bad…1/14 is not a bad average :slight_smile:

We did have one show up that would not power up too, but this is the first with an image issue.

Obviously tried the obvious of rebooting it, but since the feed is working it appears to be optic related thinks it is a bad unit…luckily it’s one of the easier ones to replace where it’s placed…question is will they replace it or do I need ot go back through SuretyDIY…

While I can’t speak for ADC, if you purchased it through us then we’d be happy to assist. This page gives information on how to proceed with returns and exchanges.

checking with them first, but yes we did have to RMA one that would not even power up. I guess when you order 14 of anything, 1 or 2 are bound to be bad :slight_smile:

If you ordered through us you can find our returns policy information under general info on our FAQ page. If it was purchased from suretyDIY it would go through us.

Yeah they said the same thing but confirmed it’s bad optics, not a software issue. I am chatting with Jim on IM to get it figured out.