Camera continues to disconnect

My ADC-V515 camera constantly disconnects, and I have to go through a reconnect procedure which includes powering off and on. annoying while I’m home and a real problem when I am away. Can you see a reason why this is happening or suggest something I can do to make it more reliable?

How far is that camera from the access point it is connected to? The wifi strength on it appears to have been fluctuating between about 55% - 70%

It’s in the front area coat closet, about 18 linear feet from the AP. I can move it closer, but then the doorbell camera will be slightly further away. What is that camera’s wifi strength?

Can you please answer my last question?

Apologies, looks like we didn’t get a notification about that last reply.

The doorbell camera currently shows a signal strength of 96%.

This can be viewed in the website by visiting the Video > Settings > Video Device Info page.

Ok, I moved the AP. Can you give me the readings on both cameras now?

85% and 76%.

You can view these at any time by logging into the website and visiting Video > Settings > Video Device Info.

Sorry, went there and looked all around, can’t find signal strength.

Found it. It needed to be refreshed. Now both are at 79% is that going to be ok or will it be spotty?

That may be problematic for a doorbell. How is it functioning now?

I have been able to access it each time I have tried. My panel is being replaced so it’s not there and no one has rung the doorbell so I can’t tell everything. The system did pick up some deer walking by and told me the camera picked up activity so I guess time will tell