Camera Clip Length

I Have an ADC-V520IR that is setup to record whenever an alarm occurs. I tested it just now and it recorded about 2 seconds of video. The video that was sent to my iPhone (avi) shows nothing. The video sent to my email has the content.

There were actually 2 clips that were 2 seconds long. I got all notifications alright but shouldn’t the camera have taken a much longer clip, or does it record until I enter the code. Since it was a test, I only let the alarm go off for a few seconds.

So, I guess my questions are:

  1. Why is the video completely blank on my iPhone 6+? Anybody else have this problem? Maybe file extension (.avi vs .mov or .mp4)?

  2. Do the cameras record a standard clip when the alarm goes off, or is it only until someone provides the correct code to the panel?


You can view your current saved video settings under the video tab in by choosing Video Device Settings -> Saved Video.

The panel will record up to the amount of time selected (1-15 minutes of clips) during an alarm event. These clips will stop recording when receives status that the system is disarmed.

Can you test a longer clip and see if it properly loads on your phone? Let the alarm go for 15-30 seconds, then disarm.

I changed the video format to mp4, increased video at alarm to 5 minutes.

I let the alarm go for 20 seconds, but got no clip at all this time. Just an SMS notification of the alarm.

Also, since I’m in test mode, why does central monitoring call up on the panel and want to know what’s going on? I’ve told them I’m just testing but at every alarm, they call.

Oh yeah, forgot to add one thing. I turned off the audible siren this time around. Would that have anything to do with the alarm not triggering the record event?

2 Way Voice is activated by your panel, not the other way around. During Test Mode with our Central Station, operators will still respond to 2 Way Voice. Further calls of the contact list will not be made.

If you used the disable sounder option that would have no bearing on the recorded video. Did you receive the video clip in the notification email?

I would advise re-saving that recording schedule, waiting 5 minutes, then test once again. I will look into the history and verify everything is being sent as it should.

Ok, understand 2-way.

No, I didn’t get the video clip in the notification email either.

I double-checked settings online and saved. Had the alarm go off for 20 seconds.

I’ll post here if I get anything to phone or email.

Nothing received by email. Got SMS message stating alarm - no attachments.

Over to “Video Alert Format”. Concerning my iPhone, I picked every format and sent a test clip…I get this message on my phone:

“One or more of the message components have been deleted by MMS adaptation. Either the message was too large or the components were unsuitable for your handset.”

Hope that helps with troubleshooting.

The reason you are getting 2-5sec clips is becuase of the firmware. After the firmware was updated to 0100e, you needed to delete and reinstall the V520IR, and recreate all rules (and set fps to 5, duration to 40, amd quality to highest and res to 1280x800)

What happened to my previous post (magically disappearing)?

Anyways, you can see I had the same issue last year. Of course, the fix was the 0100e firmware, and reinstall of the camera on, and recreation of all the rules. The mismatched firmware jacked it all up, and reinstall with the correct firmware resolved it.

and see:

It looks like the Alarm notification is actually disguising the issue. The alarm notification is not one generated by the camera, but in response just to the system.

It looks like no recordings are being saved, which is why no notifications are generated. Have you been able to view any saved video other than the first 2 second clips? Are you able to view live video?

I have had look into the issue and they believe their commands should have cleared the error. Can you test one more time?

Deleted camera from, added back after reset.

I received regular SMS notification on phone, a 28 second clip through PC email (set for 40 seconds on site), and a 28 second clip on phone. The clip sent to my phone was unplayable, but when I forwarded it to my PC it played.

I have the video format set as .mp4 but still receiving .avi format.

The people in Central must be getting sick of me by now. Haha. :wink:

If you download a video directly from the web site, does it download as the file type you have chosen?

Yes, direct download is .mp4.

I like that date/time at the beginning, didn’t notice that at first.

you only get the mp4 format with manual downloads off it doesn’t appear to affect emailed file types (regardless of saved video settings, and device type setting)

otherwise, looks like it defaults to avi

The image res sucks, I don’t even use it for receiving video via email (I use the image setting for notifications). isn’t very user friendly for mobile access to saved video format, rule creation, or image sensor gallery deletion.

Under your video alert format it looks like you should be selecting AT&T iPhone as the option. The options are geared toward sending the proper file type, not a selection of different types for any device. Can you please select this for the SMS address on your video notification and test?

I turned on the video detection for 30 minutes and each time I went in front of the camera, I got a clip on my phone (playable) and a clip in my email. Granted it was only 10Kbps @ 3fps, but it was clear.

Oh, BTW…I did change it to AT&T iPhone although the phone should be able to play all of the formats listed.

Would the ‘alarm on’ trigger the video in a different manner than the ‘motion on’? If you know what I mean.

Motion and external input/output triggers have separate setting on your account (Camera-Triggered Clips) vs Alarm clips, yes.

If that doesn’t answer the question, could you clarify?

That answers my question Jason. Thanks.

I’m doing another alarm test to see if videos are sent and have content.

I’m letting the alarm sound for 20 seconds.

Alright! :slight_smile:

Got 54 second videos sent to phone and it was playable. Same with email.

Seems that’s sorted out. Thank you to all who helped. I appreciate it.