Camera activity, sends text with pic, no clip

I have an ADC-V723 configured to detect vehicles, multiple times I’ve received a text and email with a pic, but there isn’t a video clip saved. I can see the event in the activity log, but there is no pic or video clip there either. Why isn’t this saving a video clip?

There are many other times it works as it should: email/text with a corresponding clip.

When you receive one of these notifications, with the clip but there is not video, check to make sure the video isnt filtered out. A lot of times, if the analytics cant determine the exact trigger (Person, animal, vehicle) it will classify it as an other These need to be specifically filtered for to see them under Saved Video Clips. There are a few recently that appear this way.

If clips arent saving at all, try deleting the rule, waiting 5 minutes, then re-adding the rule. Wait an additional five minutes for the camera to receive the new rule parameters and test for resolution.

VA best practices and recording rule setup instructions can be found below if needed: