Bypassing Zones While 2GIG System is Armed

Hi, I wanted to see if there is a way to setup a 3rd arming option on my 2Gig alarm. Currently there is Stay and Away, but I would like to be able to setup a 3rd option to allow for workers to enter certain areas.

Specifically, I have outdoor door sensors on my fence gates and I would like to be able to dis-activate them while keeping the rest of the interior alarm system armed, when my lawn care company comes to my house. Just like the interior motion sensors are dis-activated when the alarm is armed as Stay. Is this possible?


There would be no third option just Alarm Stay and Alarm Away. Although you may have some options to achieve close to what you want.

-You could make the outdoor gate sensor an interior sensor so it follows the same rules as your proper interior sensors when armed away.

-You could manually bypass the gate sensor at the panel.

-You could make the gate sensor a notification sensor with group 23 rather than have the sensor trigger an alarm.