Bypass sensor without disarming

I recently moved from a GE SIMON XTI to a Qolsys IQ, and while I initially like it, there is one thing I can’t seem to figure out.

Here is my situation:
When I leave the house, my wife is still home with my toddler daughter. The alarm is in STAY mode. She needs to access the garage periodically (laundry, extra fridge) so she needs to bypass the garage door…

I am aware of the quick exit, giving her 120 secs, but I’m thinking of a more permanent bypass (until re-armed). On the XTI you were able to bypass a sensor without having to disarm and re-arm the system with the bypassed sensor. Any clue if this is possible with the IQ Panel?

I’d rather try and avoid the arm/re-arm scenario as most of our iPads/iPhones/tablets are Push enabled, so besides the gongs and voice announcements from the panel itself, you’d have about 5 devices go off twice, hence about another 10 beeps.

Hope something exists or is in the works with a new firmware/software update.

I’m not aware of that being a planned feature. I will shoot it over to Qolsys as a suggestion.

Personally I think this would potentially cause major problems because there is nothing to remind you to un-bypass the sensors. It also wouldn’t save any time over just disarming and re-arming.

If notifications are the concern, have you tried to make use of the overrides? You can set it up so if your mobile devices are within your Geofence you won’t receive the notification. Otherwise, quick exit is probably your best bet at the moment.

Permanent bypass

You can bypass certain zones until you decide to manually unbypass them. You have to set this in programming (Q)uestions. Once you set this, you wont have the auto unbypass when disarmed feature (until you change the Q back)

Set Q75(0)

But you still cannot bypass a sensor that is currently active/armed.

Oops. Nevermind above post.

I completely did not see that it was for Qolsys. If you had a 2GIG they have a brand new sensor that can be bypassed while panel is still armed (2GIG-DW40), but in any event it is not even applicable for your system.

Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I think the easiest and most convenient is to filter out the local messages within the geofence. It’s obviously possible to implement, and I can only hope it makes the next upgrade.

As a side question, anyone have a problem with the new iOS app? I can arm/disarm the system it I actually click on the security system itself, but I can no longer do it via the overlay… It was working fine before the new app update that happened yesterday.

This is what I mean…


I had some difficulty last night both disarming the system and also unlocking doors via the app. Wasn’t aware there was an update but my phone is set to auto-update so there you go.

Just so you guys know, the latest app is not working 100% with iOS 9 beta2. That actually was the problem, not the latest update.

Thank you for the update. We will discuss with ADC.