Bypass question for alarm

I just received an alert with pending alarm labeled: Garage Door Pending Alarm (Awaiting Panel’s Programmed Delay).
Now, I looked at the history and shows the following:
Garage Door Alarm 8:57 am, Dec-3-2015
Garage Door Opened 8:57 am, Dec-3-2015
Garage Door Pending Alarm (Awaiting Panel’s Programmed Delay) 8:56 am, Dec-3-2015
Garage Door End of Bypass 8:56 am, Dec-3-2015
Garage Door Closed 8:56 am, Dec-3-2015
Panel Armed Away 8:05 am, Dec-3-2015
Garage Door Bypassed 8:05 am, Dec-3-2015
Panel [Mobile] Command: Arm Away (no entry delay) 8:04 am, Dec-3-2015
My question is since the garage door was bypassed when the system was armed what triggered “End of Bypass” event?

A mobile command to arm will force bypass any open doors at the time of arming.

On 2GIG, unlike a local bypass, this remote forced bypass will end if that sensor closes while the system is armed.

The log shows that sensor was closed 8:56 am (almost 1h after system was armed) while the door was closed all along. Is this indicative of a faulty sensor?

A sensor fault or magnet misalignment is likely, dependent on the model.

What model of sensor covers the door in question?

The sensor looks to have been reporting open actually for a long while prior to this event.

I’m using 2GIG-DW10-345 which is not designed for garage door. It’s been working OK for months. What garage sensor/controller can you recommend that’s compatible with 2GIG panel?

Options for monitoring your overhead garage door are discussed in detail here.

A DW10-345 can be negatively affected by low temperatures, with a lower end operating temp range of 32 F.