Buying a House with AT&T Digital Life Equipment

I am buying a house that has AT&T Digital Life with a Cisco DLC-100 hub currently installed. I called AT&T to see about transferring the account and was informed that I would have to “re-buy” the equipment to set up a new account and that, while the existing sensors would be re-usable, I would have to pay the same initial amount as the original owner to start the service. That’s total AT&T B.S. and I told them that I would toss the equipment in the dumpster before I paid them for equipment I already owned. Based on my research, I am going to go with a 2GIG-GC3-345 base panel and SuretyDIY monitored service (along with a plethora of accessories).

Is it possible that any of the existing AT&T sensors (door/window contacts, thermostats, door locks, garage door controls, etc.) would be compatible with the 2GIG system. I won’t have any details on the sensors until I close on the house on July 27th.

I am sorry to hear about that. Well, a big benefit of owning non-proprietary equipment is that you have options.

While I cannot speak for other dealers, (and you are likely to find a few with similar policies regarding selling all new devices) the GC3 is a non-proprietary panel which can be serviced by thousands of dealers.

Unfortunately the devices and system you are referencing are proprietary and for the most part cannot be reused. The parts that might be able to be reused are automation peripherals like thermostats, overhead garage control, door locks. If these devices are Z-wave, depending on the model they may be able to be used with the GC3.

Check the models when you can and we can help confirm. Sensors such as door/window sensors, motion detectors, etc. could not be reused.