Bus Failure 1

I recently installed two Concord 4s using cell modules. I have programmed the sensors and signed up for service. Both are giving a Bus Failure 1 code and I can’t nail down what this error is actually for. I see it could be a bad connection so I have checked the wiring at each location and the connections are good. I tried to perform the monitoring test and it won’t let me because of this error. How do I resolve the failure and/or stop the beeping every minute?

The most likely issues in this circumstance is incorrect wiring, (double check based on the wiring diagram in the module manual) or if you installed the modules while the panel was powered this may be the issue.

Try performing a full power cycle of the panel and module, battery and AC. Plug the battery back in first, then AC.

Does this resolve the issue for you? If you still have trouble could you post a quick photo of your wiring at the module and panel?

Just wanted to give an update. The system required me to program the date and time again. That had previously been done and was still set so not sure why I had to do it again but it cleared the error and allowed me to perform the central monitoring test.

Power cycling the panel will always result in blanked time and date, however this will resolve automatically upon connecting to ADC and the cellular network as the time and date is synced with Alarm.com.