Building a DIY System

I need to build a system quick before a trip, after doing some research it became clear SuretyCAM is the place to start with.

My ultimate goal is both wired and wireless, but because of time crunch I need to start with wireless for now. The system I gravitated to is 2GIG, I like its versatility and its elegant looks.

I need your help making sure I am on the right track. I am thinking of starting with 3 or 4 motion detectors to cover three doors/areas, and possibly the master bedroom which is in the back of the house. Later on I will be adding more wired zones for doors and windows contacts, but for now mainly motion detectors. We do have a little kitten, he’s permitted to roam the house.

I am also thinking of hiding the main controller and placing a TS1 near the door. I am not very much interested in the home automation piece, but I am interested in remotely checking on the system and receiving notification for security events.

This is my breakdown, I would appreciate if you can confirm the validity and possible provide me with a quote.

1 - 2GIG Go Controller
1 - TS
4 - Motion Detectors, Pet friendly and dual technologies.
1 - Remote FOB
1 - Hardwired power supply for the 2GiG CP

Also I was thinking about sirens, I do like the wired option instead of wireless. Any thoughts on this?

And of course the service to monitor the house, I suppose I can call you guys to activate the service once I get the system installed.

If you put a motion detector in a bedroom then you can’t arm in away mode when you’re sleeping. That may be fine, it’s up to you how you want to use the system while you’re sleeping but some people (myself included) like to cover the house with motion detectors and arm in away mode while sleeping. Most people use stay mode while sleeping though and depend on their perimeter sensors during that time. Based on what you’re describing, all your sensors are motion detectors so stay mode wouldn’t be useful, only away mode would detect anything. That would be fine for your trip though.

Be aware that even though the dual tec motion detector works much better with cats than simple PIR’s, they’re not guaranteed not to false alarm. It depends in large part on how/where you install them and tune the settings. It also depends on your cat’s behavior.

We do recommend hiding the main control panel and putting a TS1 by the door. If you are willing to spend the extra money on the TS1, do it. If you’re not willing to spend the extra money, you’ll still have crash and smash protection.

If you get the TS1, you’ll also need a 900MHz transceiver so the control panel can talk to it.

You don’t need a separate power supply for the control panel, it comes with a power supply.

Wired is better for sirens if you can run the wire. Otherwise, the Resolution Products wireless siren is great. We use them all the time and I love them. But yes, if you can run the wire and use a wired siren you might as well.