Bug report - auto update not working?

Separate thread for this as it seems like an outright bug…

Looked at IQ Panel yesterday while looking into the Z-Wave secondary controller support, found it had not yet taken an update that looks to have been out since the middle of December. Panel is configured to automatically download and apply updates, checking once every 24 hours.

Once I manually selected “Upgrade using network,” the system found the update, downloaded, and applied it.

Panel reports connectivity on both cellular and wifi, so not sure why it didn’t get that automatically…

Checking with Qolsys on this. (I noticed the same with our test panels last time.)

Alright, so it’s just not released yet for the auto updater. There is always a delay period between download availability and the auto-update. The delay is just longer than anticipated.

It isn’t a bad idea to wait. A few patches were applied to the IQ 1.5.1 and IQ2 1.5 firmware versions since they first became available due to some issues. You can initiate download manually, of course.

Ah, interesting. Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks for checking! :slight_smile: