Bridging old ITI Exterior Siren

I had an old ITI Wireless system that came with the house, there is an external siren (I think 115dB or so) that is connected to the ITI Control Panel. Is there any way to “bridge” or a device that attaches to the siren so I can bridge it to the 2GIG Panel?

The ITI is interlogix/UTC.

How is the siren connected? Wired? Zwave?

For wired (the panel supports piezo, if yours is a large horn, chances are it wont be compatible. Make sure it doesn’t exceed current draw):

If not either, then the answer is probably that you will not be able to use the external siren.

Zwave sirens are pretty effective, and cost aprox $30 - $50 or so. See:

An alternative if say it is plugged in for power, and you can set it so it is in an perpetual and active alarm state , is to plug it into say a zwave plugin outlet, and create a rule so that if any intrusion/Fire/CO alarm activate at all times, the zwave switch is turned on, until alarms are turned off.

For the price though of the zwave outlet switch, you can get a wireless battery operated zwave 100db siren/strobe also available at Lowes in store for $29.

GE zwave plug switch at Lowes:

GE zwave outlet receptacle at Lowes:

If the question is understood correctly, the suggestion above to use a Z-wave appliance module or outlet and an appropriate plug in power supply would be the way to wirelessly integrate that siren without needing to run its power cables back to the Go!Control panel.

Be sure to check if there are any local ordinances regarding exterior siren use.

Thanks for the suggestion guys, seems like it is a piezo, and the power is directly linked to the control panel. Looks like I’ll just grab the Lowes Z-Wave Siren and mount it in the attic, should be audible from the outside.