Blinds trigger motion sensors?

I want to set up my blinds to open and close on schedules. But I fear that the movement and the mo vent it creates with moving around air (war air to a cooler air area) may cause the motion detectors to trigger when the alarm is armed.

What is your with this. I seem to recall that My blind lowering one time triggered an alarm (I have it set to close blinds when Panel armed) on time. Its never done it again.

The movement of blinds may trigger motion sensors If you have the motion’s lens pointed towards windows as false triggers may occur if sunlight can shine on the lens.

An air vent certainly can trigger a motion if the motion is mounted nearby, but on automated blinds I wouldn’t think that moving the air around when raising/lowering the blinds would have an impact here, as it strikes me as unlikely to product that kind of change to trigger a motion mounted nearby.

Testing is always recommended however.