Black screen on 2GIG GC3

Merry Christmas!

My gc3 has a black screen… do you have any suggestions?

Can you try remotely rebooting the panel?


Happy to help out!

Commands have been sent to remotely reboot your panel and should take effect in about 5 minutes. Any change?

Thanks, After you rebooted the panel it came back to life! :slight_smile:

Woke up to the same issue on mine this morning? Anyway I can reset it? Or do you guys need to send the command?

Rob, you can unplug the power & remove the battery and it is the same as a reboot command, just a pain todo! :slight_smile:

Correct, you can perform a power cycle locally by unplugging the transformer, then opening the panel and unplugging the battery. Wait a minute, then plug in the battery, close up the panel and plug in the transformer.

Let us know if you still need assistance though and we would be happy to send a command.